By: Lauren Wolf 8/20/2020 We are in a time often referred to as “new normal” which has come with some new challenges. Below are some tips and tricks to help deal with some of these new challenges. * WHAT IS IT? The feeling of exhaustion after video calls. It is not only from specifically the […]

Equitable Mediation Cori was featured in the above article, in collaboration with Equitable Mediation Tips on How to Deal with Divorce: Give yourself permission to grieve, but do so in a contained way so it does not feel all-consuming. Try to give yourself 20 minutes per day (at the same time per day) to “step […]

10 Questions with Cori Dixon-Fyle Cori was featured in the above article on Psych Central. By Margarita Tartakovsky, M.S. In our monthly interview series, we turn the tables and ask therapists a slew of questions about their work and lives. They give us a rare glimpse into their experiences working with clients, from what’s surprised […]