Couples Counseling

Each couple that enters therapy is truly unique.

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We work with married couples, partnered couples, engaged couples, same-sex couples, heterosexual couples, co-parenters and couples contemplating or going through divorce proceedings.

At times, relationships can seem confusing, complex and challenging. All couples are bound to face difficulties in their relationship, whether large or small. During our work together, we can assist you and your partner in identifying the problematic interactional patterns that have developed in your relationship that often leave you feeling quite frustrated and lonely. With healthier communication skills and deeper understanding of one another’s needs and experiences, relationships can be more fulfilling and satisfying. By remaining objective in my work with couples, we can discover your unmet needs and gain new insights so that you can strengthen, revitalize or rescue your relationship.

Most couples enter therapy with the hope of preserving and strengthening their union. However, in some instances, it is clear that the relationship is dissolving and therefore we can help the couple move through the uncoupling process in the most harmonious way possible.

Some of the areas commonly explored include:

  • chronic misunderstandings
  • feeling like a roommate vs. a lover
  • infidelity and trust
  • sex and intimacy
  • separating/divorce
  • feeling unheard
  • preparing for cohabitation
  • parenting or step parenting
  • deciding whether to continue a relationship

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