Donor-Conceived Coaching

Cori is a Certified NPE (Not Parent Expected) Trauma Recovery Coach through the International Association of Trauma Recovery Coaching. Additionally, Cori is a member of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine’s Mental Health Professional Group and provides support for donor conceived people, donors, and parents of the donor conceived – current or intended.


Common issues for donor-conceived people:

  • Contemplating starting the search for connections
  • Surprise realization after taking DNA test
  • Sense of identity
  • Navigating new relationships with donor and half-siblings
  • Communicating with current family

Common issues for donors:

  • Deciding whether to connect
  • Receiving connection request from your offspring
  • Defining relationship/boundaries with offspring
  • Coping with impact of social media connections
  • Talking to partner and children about your previous donations
  • Deciding to become a donor

Common issues for parents of the donor-conceived:

  • When and how to tell children
  • Managing childrens’ expectations
  • Facilitating contact with donor and half-siblings
  • Healthy boundaries
  • Whether to use a donor to conceive

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