Medical Individual & Family Therapy

New medical issues and diagnoses can cause difficulty and chaos in a family.

Medical Therapy serves individual, couples and families who are coping with acute or chronic medical and health-related conditions. We have experience providing support to families coping with cancer and Huntington’s disease.

As we navigate this road together, we can help you:

  • Process and comprehend what this new diagnosis means to you, both currently and in the future
  • Communicate your wants and needs to your loved ones, doctors and work colleagues
  • Cope with the difficult decision of whether/when to get tested for a genetic condition
  • Develop tools to navigate the various members of your healthcare team so that all collaborate and provide the utmost quality care
  • Cope with caregiving responsibilities, while also managing your own self-care


We also have experience providing support to those affected by cancer, either themselves or a family member. This experience can raise many mixed emotions and thoughts along the continuum from diagnosis, treatment and life after treatment.

Depending on what point you are currently at in your cancer journey or that of a loved one, we can assist you to:

  • Develop ways to cope with the emotional and psychological aspects of cancer such as shock, fear, anger, etc.
  • Implement mind-body relaxation and stress reduction techniques
  • Advocate for yourself with your interdisciplinary medical care team
  • Cope with varying affects that cancer may have on your body image or sexuality
  • Deal with the constant fear of recurrence
  • Reconstruct your life after treatment

Huntington’s Disease

We have been specially trained to work with individuals, couples and families dealing with the knowledge of hereditary risk of Huntington’s disease. This includes the difficult decisions of genetic testing, reproductive decision-making, sharing information with family and friends, and navigating the journey of a degenerative illness.

Grief and Loss

Grieving is a natural part of our lives, as we move to honor our loved one. Grief is normal, natural and necessary. Many people often wonder whether they are grieving “the right way”. There is no one exact right way to grieve. Just like our loved one is completely unique and your relationship with them was completely unique, so too is the grieving process. Often in grief, we feel alienated and isolated from the flow of life and from people who are not involved or expect you to “move on”. We will work with you to sit with your grief, walk through it and realize deeper peace and connection because of it.


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