It would be hard for me to overstate just how amazing Cori is, or how much of an impact she has had on my life.

My first visit with Cori in January of 2013 was the result of a New Years resolution to take care of my emotional health in the same way I took care of my physical health. I was anxious, sometimes depressed, and overall didn’t like the choices I was making and the day to day life they produced. Particularly, I was hung up on a past relationship.

Cori is a talented and keen listener. She is smart as a whip but as compassionate you could be. Those things coupled together make Cori your own best advocate- she listened, heard things and saw things I couldn’t see, and most helpfully for me, created a game plan of small steps to get me back to a better place. My weekly visits with Cori became a highlight of my week, like a “reset” button. I always left feeling more in control, calmer, and happier.

Today, as I write this, I am engaged to the love of my life. Prior to being my fiancé and boyfriend, he was a very close friend whose romantic invitations I had totally overlooked. Cori helped me see him for what he was, and guided me through the relationship. I have never been happier or felt more secure. I have no doubt that without her reassurance, I would not have the relationship I have today.

Cori is everything you could want- an objective perspective on your life with the training and intelligence to identify and work through issues, and the tact and compassion to talk about them in a productive way. I am forever indebted to her.

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