By: Lauren Wolf

We are in a time often referred to as “new normal” which has come with some new challenges.
Below are some tips and tricks to help deal with some of these new challenges.


The feeling of exhaustion after video calls. It is not only from specifically the zoom platform, of course, that just has a catchier name than Microsoft Teams fatigue


Technology Issues:

In addition to the content of the meeting that you are in, you may experience some amount of IT issues which is very stressful because it is out of our control.

Increased stimuli:

Normally, when you are in person in a room full of people, you likely will be looking at one person at a time. When in a video call, you may be seeing anywhere from 4-12 people on your screen at once, all of which are constantly moving and their pictures jumping around the screen. This is a lot for our brain to take in, and something we aren’t used to.

We are able to see people/pets/artwork in the background and also may have these distractions ourselves.

Increased awareness of ourselves:

In a video call, you can also see yourself, which makes us hyper aware of any movement we make. This is a huge transition from a typical meeting setting, in which we can’t see ourselves at all.


o Take breaks!

The value and benefit of taking a walk in quarantine has grown exponentially. Even if you have 10 minutes between meetings, step away to help rest your eyes from the screen

o Say No

Just because you were invited to a virtual happy hour after work, doesn’t mean you have to go. You can set your own boundaries around what you are needing at that time.

o Turn off video when you can

In some work settings, video is often required to be on. However, if you are in a meeting that doesn’t need to have it on, then don’t! This way, you can still be actively listening and participating, but take a step back from the screen.

o Blue-light blocking glasses

If it becomes impossible to avoid the screen (which let’s be honest, is the case for most of us) look into some blue-light blocking glasses. Amazon has many options under $10 and they can greatly help reduce the headache you may be getting at the end of the day

o Above all else, listen to your body and your needs!

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